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This is my cousin’s horse. When they first posted pictures of him, I thought they rescued him to be a pasture pet and company for their other horse, Cathy. According to his previous owner, however, he’s “rideable”! She claims to have owned and shown saddlebreds for years and this is a DESIRED LOOK. And it pushes their neck up higher. Tell me, would you ever put a person on this horse?

Definitely wouldn’t put a person on this horse. And if people think this is desirable they are complete morons. 

Yikes. Reminds me of that blog, fuglydog.



welcome to my sick twisted mind

It’s like 2005 threw up all over my dash



“Laugh at me, Nezumi. Look on me with contempt. Make fun of me. Give me a scornful laugh, a cold laugh, I just want to hear your laughter. Let me hear it, please.”

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  • Me during the day: I'm so fucking tired oh my God I can't wait to go to bed tonight
  • Me during the night: Let's download the top 100 songs from the 90s and listen to them all while writing a novel and watching an entire season of something and maybe rearrange my room




The problem with beating your kids as a form of punishment is that you’re not teaching them morality and life lessons you’re teaching them to live in fear. Instead of them learning through reasoning and talk you’re intimidating them into submission. This harms the relationship between parent and…

Anonymous said —
❝ Feminism isn't just trying to get equality in the eyes of the law, which by the way women do not have more advantages there, but also getting people to see that we are actually equal to men. The other day I had told someone I wanted to work in a hospital and their automatic assumption was that I wanted to be a nurse. It's as if they didn't even consider I may want to be a surgeon. We have been taught that males have the upper hand, and no one has really tried to change that. Besides good femini- ❞








The more I watch this, the funnier it gets. Look at the worried dog behind them. Ahahaha “son!”